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Character Year Book Awards:

Who do you think deserves the following awards for our Nutmeg Character Year Book? Tell who and why you think that below the award name. Please do not delete another reader's nomination for any award, just add your own underneath what is already written.


Best Friend Award: Julia from Project Mulberry would win the best friend award because she was so kind to let Patrick do the project then follow through with it and not give up

Annabeth from The Lightning Thief would win the Best friend Award because no matter how stupid some of the actions Percy made, Annabeth stuck with him on the quest. She would recover what was lost and make hasty plans to save each other. She also stuck up for him when he was right and made him be quiet with he got Arces, the war god, angery.

Funniest Award: Bebe from Escaping the Giant Wave should win the funniest character award because she used funny words and she always made the other characters laugh.

Most Interesting Award: I think that Percy Jackson from The Lightning Thief has definetly won this award. Being Posidon the sea god's son and all.

Theodora from Hatching Magic would also win the Most Interesting Award. She is all into wyverns and wizards and mostly "nerdy" boys were into it in the book. She had all of these wizard playing cards she would look at all night and battle with. Most girls in the book stayed as far away from that topic, as posible.

Most Couragous Award: I would give Jonathon this award from a Bear Named Trouble because when he heard something outside he went out to see what it was, and when he found out it was a bear he didn't run away scaredly.

Kyle from Escaping the Giant Wave should win the most couragous award becuase he had to go into a burning hotel to save someone he didn't really like and his sister. His parents were on a cruise so he had to be independent and escape the tsunami also!

I would give Rat from Ravenmaster's Secret the most courageous award because he snuck out of the castle past the guards to save Madeline. He also wore a dress to save her too. He knew if he was caught he would be hung or be hurt serverly, but he helped Madeline no matter what.

Most Clever Award: I think Nolan in Shredderman, Secret Identity deserves the award because he figured out how to stop Bubba without getting bullyed back or being discovered by anyone, except for Mr.Green.

Most Unique Award: I think Shannon from Jackie's Wild Seattle should win the most unique award. She doesn't do what any of her friends do. She travels and rescues animals and does her own thing.

Most Trustworthy Award: I think Sam and Star in White Star a Dog on the Titanic deserves this award because they stayed with each other forever. Even if it was life or death.