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Who Said It?

Who said the following? Write your answer and add another "Who Said It?"

Who said it? What book?
"My father wanted me to go to a special
Percy Jackson, The Lightning

"Madeline! God be praised you are out!"
the person who rowed the boat at the end of the book Madeline from Ravenmaster's Secret
"Thank the Gods,"
Annabeth Chase, The Lightning

"Ewwwwwww what's that smell."
Sarah from Project Mulberry said this when she smelled kimichee in Julia's house at their first playdate
"Nice dog you have there ma'am,"
Kyle, Escaping the Giant Wave
"How could you?!" "You could have been killed!"
Jonathan's father, A Bear Named

"The seats swivel round, see?" *** pointed out. "So
we can talk to one another more easily. You have
to lift your knees right up so you've room to turn."

Ben from the Seven Professors of the Far North

"Die, honey!"
??? from The Lightning Thief