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Shredderman #1 Secret Identity

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Written by Wendelin Van Draanen
Illustrated by Brian Biggs

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----This story takes place in Nolan’s school, such as the class room and the play ground.It also takes place in Nolan’s house, like in his room on the computer doing part of his project. Nolan goes to school like we do, but it seems like his life is kind of more exciting. Nolan is in 5th grade and he is like most of us. Some of us can relate to his life since some of us have had experience with a bully or were bystanders of bullying.
Nolan is a small, but smart kid. He has a power walk that he uses to get you places fast. Nolan has a smart attitude and I think that it is good because it will help him in school. Nolan is trying to stop Bubba’s bullying. When Nolan does try I think that he is just becoming a bully Nolan acts like a bully when he will try to stop Bubba. I think that is not good because if you don’t like someone bullying you then you should not bully him or her.


Alvin "Bubba" Bixby - Alvin is big and mean. His breath could make you faint. Kids just call him Bubba,or else.
Bubba is the school bully. His real name is Alvin,aka Bubba. But he doesn’t like to be called Alvin, though, because he thinks it is a dumb name,dah. Everybody says he is the meanest person in the school. He does everything from tray flipping to calling kids names. he also steels what ever he want ,and get's away with it. Bubba is one vicious kid.If they don’t listen to him, he pounds them into a pancake or worse in Nolan's case. Bubba is the biggest pain to the whole school. Nolan's Mom thinks Alvin "Bubba" Bixby was born perfectly and that Nolan was just making everthing up. Nolan's dad thinks the exact same thing. But nolan finds out that he got his bully figure from his Dad. so Nolan trys to help him.

NolanHe is a small kid who’s a whiz at math, but he doesn’t have any friends what so ever. Kids call him Nerd.
Nolan is the main character of this book and he is considered a ‘nerd’ at his school. Kids call him Nerd because that is the name that Bubba made up for him. But by the endd of the story more kids respect him and call him Nolan not nerd. Nolan is out on a mission to stop Bubba. Nolan is trying to keep his secret identity secret from everyone at his school and his parents. Only his teacher, Mr. Green knows. Also known as the happy hippie, in Bubba's case. Then he becomes Shredderman. Also, he is the type of kid that has a thing were he has a problem with a kid how is mean. When Nolan is walking down the hall a kid named Bubba is mad, so he takes it out on Nolan. He bullies Nolan and calls him names. Nolan is not good at using scissors a needle and thread, read the book to find out what happens when he encounters a pair of scissors and a needle and thread.

Mr. Green - Mr. Green is Nolan and Bubba's fifth grade teacher. Bubba and his friends call him the "Happy Hippie." Nolan looks up to Mr.Green. He loves to sing and play the guitar. Mr. Green loves all of his students.
Mr. Green has a bad look on his face and can see that Nolan is going to do something bad for his project. He thinks that Nolan has just something bad to do to Bubba. His just to suspicious to find out what Nolan is going to do for a project.

Bubba's Dad - Bubba's dad is a bully to his son Bubba (A.K.A. Alvin). He is a very bad person. Bubba's dad also owns a plumbing company. He is very cruel, effecting Bubba to bully on everyone in the school because of him.

Nolan's Dad - Nolan's dad is a writer for the local newspaper. He encourages Nolan to let him help him with his "Newspaper Project" but Nolan dons't want any help on it.

Nolan's mom - Nolan's mom does not play a big part in the story. The only thing that you can get from the book about her is that her real name is Eve Byrd. Nolan's mom does say "Nolan, you're getting taller and how's your day?" often. She is the one who gives Nolan the permission and the credit card number to set up a website, but she doesn't know it's She also asks Nolan if his dad can help with the project.

Shredderman - Shredderman is a superhero on the internet. He makes a website that shows the truth about Alvin “Bubba” Bixby. He catches Bubba in the act and posts it on his website. He is the founder of In a clever way, he shows that Bubba is a robber, bully, and a liar! He also gets Bubba on tape when he was chewing gum in the class. He tapes Bubba a lot in the book. He also shows pictures and videos of Bubba caught in action of doing something bad. Who is Shredderman anyway? Read the book Shredderman Secret Identity to find out for yourself!


Shredderman Secret Identity takes place at Nolan's school and at his house. Part of the story also takes place on the school playground, where Nolan spreads the papers for his website. This is the setting.


Nolan Byrd has been bullied all through school by a classmate named Bubba Bixby and not even the teachers are able to do anything to stop Bubba's harassment. Nolan, nicknamed "Byrd the Nerd" by Bubba, other kids in Nolan's school got different nicknames like "Butthead" and "Pony-Girl". Nolan comes up with a plan to stop Bubba's bullying when their teacher, Mr. Green, assigns a project that allows them to use the Internet, which gives him a good idea! so he does this website called That's his big idea for Bubba. So he put on things that really happens and tapes them and puts them on the website. When Bubba finds out that how ever did this will really wish that they were never born.

Point of View

The person telling the story in Shredderman, Secret Identity is Nolan because he is telling the story about his life and how people bullied him for the whole year,and how he is going to solve the problem. At the end of the book Nolan saw Mr. Bixby jerk his wife into the car and start shouting at Alvin. Nolan thinks Bubba got the bullying trait from Bubba's dad.


Nolan Byrd has been living around Bubba Bixby for all of his school days, and he cannot stand much more of what he is doing to the other kids at school, and after a while, Nolan is trying to get back at Bubba. Nolan builds a website called "Shredderman" about Bubba, and after all of the teachers that haven't been doing anything about Bubba's bullying sees the site, they finally realize what has been going on around them for years. At the end of the book, there is also a surprise for Shredderman...


The climax is when Nolan outsmarts Bubba the bully by showing the school (including the teachers) how Bubba has been harassing the students at the school.


The problem was resolved when Mr.Green saw Nolan's project exposing Bubba for bullying Nolan and all of the other kids in the school. After that, all of the teachers punished Bubba for bullying Nolan.Then after that Bubba didn't really bother or bully Nolan again.

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