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Persuasion by: ces-cole
Nutmeg book: Hatching Magic
Review: Altogether, the Nutmeg Nominees have treated me well. I liked most of the books, hated some, and some were all right, but out of all of the books, Hatching Magic was my favorite. Here are some reasons why:
Like a cat that hides under the barn to have her kittens, a wyvern mother-to-be likes a nice, quiet spot to lay her egg.
Have you ever heard a better starting sentence? That and many other things are some of the reasons that I liked the book Hatching Magic. I think that this book would be my favorite book of all of the nutmeg books. Not only did it have quotes like that throughout the book, but they had one of the things that I love in a book, many stories happening at the same time. In this book, there were two great stories happening at the same time. Then something that makes the story better happens, the two stories are combined! Theodora meets Gideon, and they now have a baby wyvern on their hands! Then, when an evil wizard called Kobold has an attempt to capture the wyvern, a whole new story happens! Not to mention this book’s great description. Unlike some other books, this one has an even amount of talking and description. Some books have too much talking, and that makes the readers want to stop reading because they don’t know where the story is taking place and what the characters look like. But too much description is a boring book that doesn’t have much communication between the characters. Hatching Magic is a perfect book with both of them perfectly evened out with each other.
One of my favorite parts in the book was when Kobold’s servant demon, or Febrys, switched bodies with Theodora’s sitter, Mikko. Theodora did not know what was going on, and it was really funny.
That’s pretty much just about all of the ways that I love this book compared to all the others. Hatching Magic is a great book, and I hope that other people like this book as much as I do.

Persuasion by Sam and Alex at HES
Nutmeg book: The Lightning Thief

I think that this is a great book because it combines mythology and a story, two unlike things, flawlessly together. It seems like it actually happened. It was also a cliffhanger book because no matter what page you took a break on, there was always a question going on in your mind making you want to read more. If you loved this book, you should also read the 2 sequels. This series is the best Nutmeg out there. You should vote for Lightning Thief.