Favorite First Lines

What is your favorite first line from any of the Nutmeg books? It can be the first line of the book or a first line of a chapter.

A strange repeating cry woke me up. It took me a few seconds to realize a rooster was crowing its head off and I was upstairs in Jackie's house somewhere out in the forest in the state of Washington.-
Shannon Young, Jackie's Wild Seattle.

But this magic had never known the inside of a jar. It was wild and strong and willful. It yawned suddenly, so that it was bigger than the largest melon, bigger than Wycca. The center of it wavered like the summer heat on tiled rooftops, only cool and silver and humming faintly. It pulled at her, like the tug of the moon on the sea. page 4 -Hatching Magic

Wycca sat on the roof of the dome at MA licking the left over cherry goop between her toes.
- PG. 70...Hatching Magic