The plot of a story is the sequence of events.

When Nolan gets an assignment to interview somebody he thinks it's interesting Nolan doesn’t pick the mayor of the city or the local police sergeant. He picks Bubba. The assignment gets out of hand and Nolan starts lying to his parents so he can work on the website he’s creating, This website is all about Bubba and how mean he is. But when Nolan starts saying mean things about Bubba he’s becoming a silent bully or worse… a real bully!

In the wiki, summarize the important events of the story.
  • What events led up to the climax?
  • What is the order of events in the story? (for example, letter or diary, flashback, series of sequential events)
  • What challenged do the characters face and how do they deal with them?
  • What choices did the characters have?